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Tectonic Cuisine

MIT Media Lab | In collaboration with Jifei Ou, Amos Golan | 2016

“Can we program the taste, smell, or texture of the food?”

As one of the main aspects of our daily life, food industry has been somehow undermined through the digital revolution. Tectonic Cuisine is an on-going exploration between digital fabrication and molecular cuisine. Thinking how “future dishes can look like” we’ve been exploring how computation and digital fabrication can help us program features of food. We created 3D printed pasta with various porous structure to hold different amount of soup; designed a voxel-based approach of preparing a dish to spatially distribute taste and nutrition; and gel-based 3D printing process to fabricate challenging shape such as 10 meter long noodle in your bowl.

Uni_Vers CNC Machine built by Jifei Ou and Jannik Peters @ Tangible Media Group, MIT Media Lab

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