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Yasaman Tahouni is a computational designer, maker, and Ph.D. candidate at the Institute for Computational Design and Construction (ICD), University of Stuttgart. Her research interest lies at the intersection of computation and materiality, and she seeks novel ways to bridge the two to create programmable, adaptive, and performative shape-changing structures. Her current research is focused on biobased and bioinspired 4D printing, for which she develops computational fabrication processes that merge design, additive manufacturing, and biobased “smart” material systems.


Yasaman holds a dual M.Sc. degree in Design and Computation (SMArchS) and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and a bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the University of Tehran. She has been a researcher and an educator at MIT and ICD, and her work has been published in various scientific journals, as patents, and at academic conferences.

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