About Me

Yasaman is a designer, maker, researcher and a computer scientist working in the field Computational Design (Programmable Matter) and Human-computer Interaction. Yasaman has a dual background in Architecture and Computer science, and has received her dual master's degrees from MIT School of Architecture and MIT School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. 


Yasaman's research interest lies at the intersection of Computational Design, Digital Fabrication and Human-Computer Interaction, and her vision is to find novel ways to bridge computation and materiality. Either by Making digital data shaping the physical matter [Digital Fabrication], or by Making physical matter act as digital bits [Programmable Matter], or by Exchanging bits and atoms between physical and digital media [HCI], Yasaman tries to create seamless integration of digital and physical worlds.

Yasaman is currently working as research associate and tutor at ICD Institute for Computational Design at Stuttgart University. Before joining ICD, Yasaman was a research assistant at MIT Design Lab, and had concurrently worked as teaching assistant to several courses and workshops at MIT focused on Digital Fabrication, Physical Computing, and DIY Making. Previously, Yasaman recieved her Bachelor and Masters in Architecture from University of Tehran, Iran, where she co-taught courses and gave lectures on Design and Computation.